Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thank goodness that the week is over. It's been a tough one. The kids are back at Tanya's and maybe next week I'll be back to my routine.

My computer was hijacked this week and it was devasting. I sobbed, yes sobbed, for quite a while trying not to throw it out the window. I had a good reason for being so upset: this is my work, my job, my livelihood. With layoffs the quarterly expectation, being incapacitated by a dead computer is too much to handle. On top of that I had to worry about my bank accounts and all the bill paying I do on the computer. Everything was compromised.

I have to thank my "CHUCK" (Geek Squad) for doing such a wonderful job fixing it. They deleted my hard drive. It sounds horrible, but the computer is now operating like it was the first day.

Kevin is here in town for a while, which I'm really happy about. However, he's had his fourth (I think) shoulder surgery on Thursday. He's recuperating while nurse Mom takes care of him. He's doing much better, although I can't stop envisioning the scene from Harry Potter where he spends the night growing his bones back. I am still having a hard time figuring out how exactly a doctor grafts bone.

Al and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary this week--10 years together. We are so grateful to have each other and our beautiful girls. Life gets better every year.

Samantha finishes school on Tuesday. I can't believe we're saying goodbye to our first year of preschool. She can't wait to start pre-K in fall. Unfortunately she didn't get into the am class. I'm not sure what that means for us as far as daycare goes. It will be intersting to see how she behaves when she doesn't get a daily nap.

Alyssa cut her fist molar and has been a tyrant all week. We're in for it with this kid. She's going to be a stubborn girl. She's already really jealous of Samantha. Today she wanted to have me all to herself so she tried to pinch Samantha. I've even watched her walk to me and then shove Samantha off my lap.

Oh, these girls.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

summer days are coming

The girls are home with me right now while Tanya tends to her family. We really miss her.

I'm trying to really balance kids and work. It is crazy, but we're doing okay so far. Only one more week to go. I get to take Samantha to preschool, which I haven't done most of this year. I'm sure I've missed out on a lot, including getting to know the other mothers. At least I get to enjoy this last month.

The weather is finally normal for this time of the year. The girls got to go play in the sprinklers at Gammy and Papa's today. Alyssa just loves the water and will stay in the sprinkler now matter how cold she gets. It should be a fun summer. :) And it wears them both out. Shhh don't tell, there is a method to my madness.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I spent a wonderful day with my mom. We went to a flower arranging class in Monterey and then enjoyed shopping and being together. I needed that.

Al and I are doing well. Just busy plugging away with work. I've got to finish up the Preschool yearbooks this week and I'll be done with my obligations for this year. I admit that I've really enjoyed putting the books together. Who knew I was good at scrapbooking, even if it is digital.

Samantha is growing like a weed. She's going to be crushed when preschool ends at the end of this month. She'll have swimming lessons this summer, but not until July. I need to get my act together and go visit some dance studios. I don't know what she'll like, although I have an inkling that it will be Hip Hop dance.

Alyssa is busy walking, sometimes too fast. She's already got her first black eye from running with a truck in her hand. She cried but was okay. The only disconcerting thing is her food allergies. We know that she's allergic to casein, which includes all dairy. But she's very allergic to something else and were not sure what: strawberries, avocado, salmon, and/or beef. Right now we're trying to get over the most horrible diaper rash either of the kids have ever had. Of course it started as an allergic reaction to something she ate. Sometimes I feel so helpless and wish that we could figure this out. So when her system clears we'll have to bring these foods back in and watch. It's a really sucky process.

At any rate, life still goes on. We're in the process of finishing the landscaping in our backyard. It has taken us nearly 7 years, but we're almost there. We should be able to finally relax in June.