Thursday, September 20, 2012

Piling it on

I'm not a sit-back-and-watch kind of person. I'm a do-er. That often means I get in over my head.

Take this fall for instance. School started in August. I knew I was already going to be helping in the Library once a month and yet I still asked if I could help out in either of my girls' classes as a Room Parent. And what do you know, there was an opening for Second Grade. 

So you think I would stop there. 

Instead I asked if I could help out with the costumes for this year's Nutcracker production; i.e. I took on the role of coordinating the costumes for 200+ dancers. Duh! 

I really know how to pile it on, don't I?

I'm trying to make a point to coordinate and not dabble in the Nutcracker costuming thing at least. But I will need to be very hands-on with school. 

Truthfully I'm okay with my volunteering this year. I want to help improve and make both things better, more manageable, and enjoyable for other folks too. Most of all I want them to feel appreciated.

The only downside to my plan is that now I have to back burner my kitchen cabinet makeover until January. (Maybe it was self sabotage. I started doubting my color choices for the cabinets the other day. This will give me a little more time to think.)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Girls' Vacation

This year we took our first four-generational girls' vacation to Las Vegas: Great-grandma, Gammy, Me, and my two girls. We had a blast!

My mom and I drove and Grandma jumped an airport shuttle from Arizona to Vegas. We arrived Sunday and Grandma on Monday. But the time we got up and dressed and ready for the pool on Monday, Grandma's shuttle was there.

We stayed at Cancun Resort, Las Vegas, a few miles off the southern end of the strip. It was relaxing for all of us. The girls enjoyed playing in the pools and Samantha loved the water slides. Alyssa was a few inches too short for the water slide. She cried a lot at first but they have a Mayan waterfall, so we played in that instead.

We did drive down to the strip once in the day and walked around for a little while. The girls were having a hard time in the heat--107 degrees--so they didn't last long. But we did go back at night and enjoy one of the Cirque de Soleil shows, Mystere. It was amazing and I loved that none of them had seen Cirque before.

My girls can't wait to go back. They've got it planned for next summer already!

Some candid pics of Grandma and the girls following along to a dance video: