Friday, January 9, 2009


What do you call a fear of beanbags? Bean-a-bag-aphobia?

Samantha is hilariously afraid of beanbags. She gets squeamish, giggles, and generally has the heebeejeebees. So what do we do: quietly toss the beanbag in her lap or put it down her shirt. Poor kid, she laughs so hard.

BUT, she's not afraid of the pellets that are now put in stuffed animals, just the bigger beans or pellets that were put in older toys. She has a collection of Sesame Street characters but is afraid of Grover all because his hands and feet have beans.

When Samantha is in a rotten mood all we need is the little beanbag that Erin's Grammy made to put a smile on all of our faces.

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Trina.Hoover said...

Well at least she isn't afraid of something like the vacuum cleaner like Jonathan is.
That is funny though our kids all afraid of different things. Big hugs to all of you