Friday, June 17, 2011

The Recital

After a 5-minute case of the butterflies, Samantha was ready for her performance. She was dressed at 4:30 and ready to go on. She looked so beautiful. Alyssa got "fancy" too.

In hindsight I would have left Samantha's hair dirty because she had curly flyaways galore and we had to use A LOT of hairspray. Let it be known that I hate hairspray. The only reason I had any to begin with is because it helps to get ink stains out of clothes.

Anyway, Samantha performed her Tinkerbell Dance. Please excuse the graininess of the video. It's the best I've got. When all the girls are lined up, Samantha is the tall girl in the back row on the right. She is the tallest one in her ballet class, too.

Here comes the bad news . . . the videos are too big to upload. (Grandma and Papa, they'll be in the mail this weekend.)

Her last performance was part of Coppelia. Again she is in the back line on the right side. She's wearing her yellow box.
Every night since the recital Samantha dances to the Tinkerbell song. Sometimes we even get into costume.

I guess I'll have to let her audition for the Nutcracker. She's got "performance" in her blood. Don't know where that came from . . . maybe Papa. I guess it skips a generation.

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Savoring the moments said...

Hi Erin,
Samantha looked like she had fun for the Ballet recital- that's a lot of work! And I love the master bath- it looks sooo nice. Can you give me your email so I can invite you to my blog? I'm glad your family is doing well!