Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Weekend

Friday morning, 8 a.m. meeting with no coffee. Ugh.

The kids did well and got off to Tanya's early today for said meeting. Samantha got to eat her first "cinnamon" toast this morning. Ugh oh, did I create a monster?

Samantha got quite the loot at her valentines party yesterday. There were way too many stickers in her bag and she covered herself with them as soon as she got home. Shortly after Alyssa was choking and threw up a sticker. Needless to say, that was the end of covering our clothes in stickers. Now I regret getting rid of my sticker album from when I was a kid. I guess I'll just have to have Samantha create her own book.

Samantha's class went on a field trip to the Fire Department this week. Most of the kids were nervous, but the firefighters did a great job at gaining their trust.

Samantha was less than thrilled about the trip. She was worried that the siren was going to sound. Despite my reassurance, she was never quite comfortable.

At any rate, Mommy had fun and took lots of class pictures.

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