Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

I finally figured it out--Alyssa is getting in her final set of molars. Hence the atrocious behavior, the constant and unending need for Mommy, lack of appetite, and the odd fever. Of course it's a totally different set of rules than it was with Samantha.

I think someone should interview hundreds or thousands of mothers and then sit down to write a rule book. Example: if your child has a fever and isn't eating then you check page 59 and if your child only has a fever you check page 79. This rule book should be given to every mother who gives birth on the day of delivery. We may need a forklift to take it home, but at least we'd have it as a resource.

Today is Al's first day home as stay-at-home daddy. He seems to be doing pretty well thus far. We'll see how he makes it through the week. I've asked him to go get his TB test tomorrow so he can work in Samantha's classroom next week. I'm going to be rather insistent--I can't do it all, contrary to popular belief.

He's even made umm, a mermaid bra out of cardboard. I wasn't sure what to say when Samantha asked to wear my bra around the house. I told her that she could wear my bikini, but she insisted that mermaids don't wear bathing suits, rather bras. What can I say? At least she's creative.

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