Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good news, no H1N1 here. Whew! Don't know what the fever was all about but it disappeared. Thank goodness.

Today is Al's 35th Birthday. We're going to keep it simple tonight and celebrate with my parents tomorrow, when Dad doesn't have to go to work the next day.

Tomorrow is Al's last day of work. It's here already. Al will be daddy day care soon and I expect he'll be desperate to find a job. Believe me, it's soooo different than working at home with an ill child. I'll be quarantined to my home office for 8 hours a day, which will be off limits to the little ones.

I've enjoyed my mini vacation. Yesterday the girls napped at the same time so I got to read my book for a few hours and then nap on the couch. What a luxury. My back was tired from picking up Alyssa again and again so that she could throw the basketball in the new hoop Santa brought our family. Thank goodness Santa brought us a four foot extendable hoop. I don't think I could lift her to throw into a regulation height hoop. It was, however, so nice to get out there for some exercise in between rain showers. And we avoided the super muddy lawn.

Al had his sleep study on Monday night. No sleep apnea. Yea! I was dreading this study, hoping we wouldn't have to get the sleep apnea machine. Talk about a marriage killer. Al said he actually slept horribly and was so glad to climb in our bed for one hour of decent sleep. At least that is over and right under the last few days of this year's insurance. Double relief.

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