Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Break

Samantha's spring break has officially begun. She has no clue that she's out of school; so I'll be taking advantage of a few Tanya days next week. I scheduled myself a week of vacation, too.

I've started my annual "spring projects." I've started painting the hallway and I'm also hoping to paint the girls' bathroom by the 19th. I've got no clue what to do for decoration--it's a Hello Kitty bathroom. That is two girls for ya! And, if it's nice weather then I may be able to start landscaping the backyard border. But I do have to finish Samantha's class yearbook first. How's that for a list!

Alyssa is busy walking around like her knees don't bend. Oh yeah, there is a word for that isn't there: toddle. Does that mean that she's officially a "toddler"? I don't know if I can handle that. I picked her up the other day and whispered in her ear that I wanted her to stay small forever. But then again, I really wish she'd start talking. She does a lot of grunting and goofy faces when she wants something. She's more determined to do things than talk.

This morning Alyssa was walking around the kitchen opening the drawers and doors looking for something to chew on. She couldn't find anything so she decided to chew on the drawer instead. I said, "Geez, if it hurts that bad I'll give you some motrin!" I'm sure particle board or whatever junk my cabinets are made out of (non-wood) can't be good for you.

I'm really looking forward to Easter: 1) to spend the day with family we haven't seen in a while; 2) to watch my girls and Aidan hunt for Easter eggs and play together. I only wish my brother could be there too. I know we'll all miss him, but I really miss him lately.

One week til Grandma and Papa are here. I can't wait. I told my mom that I feel like I did when I was 5 and couldn't wait until they drove into the driveway.

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Trina.Hoover said...

I love reading your blog! I miss you guys and we will have to come and see you so I can blog our visit! :)
We are starting spring break as well with Jonathan...