Monday, March 1, 2010


We managed to go the whole month of February without anyone being sick! That is a huge accomplishment. Samantha had her blood test in early February and her thyroid levels were still off a bit. Her brain was asking for more but she wasn't showing any outward signs of hypothyroidism. So we moved up a dose and we'll retest in a the middle of this month.

Just that change in medication and she's suddenly developing so much more mentally and physically. She's suddenly outgrown her shoes and her personality and play is becoming less "toddler." I'm still not certain that this is the right dose--I think alternating pills might be our best bet. (There is a lot of risk over over-medicating--she could grow too fast, which happened once.) We'll find it all out when we visit the pedi. Endocronologist later this month.

And next week we meet with the pedi. Gastroenterologist for the results of the extensive allergy testing. I'm anxious for this appointment because it has the potential to answer a lot of questions for us. I'm just hoping the results aren't inconclusive because that would mean an in-office procedure to take a bit of her stomach lining. Samantha's such a champ about all the other procedures, but I'm not sure that she'd be okay with that one. So I'll go hoping for the best.

Alyssa got the second of four molars--finally. Two more to go! I can't wait. Then it'll be on to the next challenge: sleeping in a toddler bed and getting rid of the pacifier. I thought about trashing the paci earlier, but my mother was right, that would have been cruel when she's suffering so much with the current teething. Even when you're in your 30s, moms still know best!


So as soon as I post this blog, Al comes home with Alyssa and she's got a runny nose. I knew I should have kept my mouth shut. I jinxed us!

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