Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We are on the mend. Alyssa is back to normal after a very stressful week. I hope that we never have to go through that again. It was so scary. Today she went off to Tanya's and was delighted to see her. Alyssa ran into her arms for a big hug.

Samantha is doing very well in her swim lessons. We had two weeks through the Rec. and we're now doing two weeks of private lessons, and then we'll go back to the Rec. for two weeks. I haven't decided if the private lessons or the rec swim lessons are best for her. Exposure seems to be the key right now. She's finally comfortable enough to float on her back and she's practicing swimming and coming up for air. She's very excited about it all.

Al is hoping to get back to running this week after his stint as Dr. Mom. He's such an amazing dad. When Alyssa was scared to sleep because she threw up nearly every night for a week, Al slept on the floor near her bed. He'd rub her back or just reach his hand out to touch her. It took two days for Alyssa to feel comfortable being alone in her room. Al was so happy to be back in a bed.

I'm finally making a commitment to myself and my family by taking some me time and joining the gym. Luckily I know (and like a lot) the people who opened the new women's gym in town (they're cousins). So I am trying it out this week and will try to keep going on a regular basis. I need to feel good about myself and that directly correlates to my happiness. So watch out . . . here I come!

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