Sunday, May 29, 2011

Drumroll . . . The Master Bath

Our Master Bath is done. And it only took three months!!

Now, I didn't take before pictures because I didn't even think about it. We all know what a lovely tract house bathroom looks like: particle board cabinets, fake marble top, and a large standard mirror.

Eighteen months ago, on a whim, we bought a beautiful, free-standing vanity with porcelain sinks and a real marble top for nearly a quarter of the Pottery Barn price. And it looks the same as Pottery Barn's vanity, but it is about 6 inches shorter, which is perfect because the PB one was too large anyhow. The vanity has been in our bedroom, covered in an old sheet, for all those months collecting folded laundry.

We were undecided about the wall and the mirror until Al and my dad pulled it down. The knuckleheads at the glass company who installed it had glued it to the wall. Al and Dad managed to get it off without cutting themselves, but we were left with a pock-marked wall nearly torn down the the rock. My mom suggested bead board to cover the wall and thus we were saved from trying to figure out how to salvage the wall. So we extended the bead board to line up with the tub surround. It was perfect.

A few coats of paint, some beautiful mirrors, and a difficult installation (pipes were a challenge) of the vanity and we have the most beautiful bathroom! It feels like a spa and we love it.

No major projects on the horizon, but I am painting the built-in cabinets in the hallway. These are half veneer and half oak, so if the paint adheres and it looks okay, I might try the kitchen cabinets. But I'm getting away from myself. I've got to work on Samantha's desk before school starts again in August.  . . . . One thing at a time.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Easter dresses, etc.

Finally, a day off to do what I want . . . painting and cleaning and organizing. I know, not relaxing for most, but it's my day off. Actually, I have a very real need every few months to clean the mental clutter. I get in these moods where I am not happy and cannot function normally unless I clean up the house or reorganize. Chalk it up to Feng Shui's principles of cleaning the mind--the idea is that you move 27 things around and it helps clear your mind. I have done that my whole life in order to find my peace, but there is really an actual ancient Chinese art to it. Try it some time if you need to clear the mind. It works every time.

~ * ~

Things have been hectic around here. May is always a busy month with Mother's Day, our anniversary (7 years), Samantha's birthday, and the culmination of school. This year it started in April with Easter and a trip to Grandma's and Big Papa's house for Easter Break. My mom and I drove down to AZ with the girls and had a wonderful time. Samantha cried when it was time to come home and again when she woke up in her bed the next day. She can't wait to go back. This is the first time Alyssa will remember going and she can't wait to go back either. I love that my girls love to be with their great-grandparents!!

When we got back from AZ and school started again, Samantha started ballet. She's going to be in the recital in June, so there are extra practices this month. She's been quite sore, but absolutely loves it. My mom and I are working on her Jack-in-the-Box costume and once we have pictures we'll post.

With Samantha becoming more serious about reading Al and I decided that Samantha needed a desk. So we've been looking around. I can't believe that for a new (non-particleboard desk) we'd have to pay about $600. So we decided to shop around garage sales, etc. But other day I got on Craigslist--mind you, I've never bought or looked for anything on Craigslist before--and I found the cutest little girl's desk with bookcase and chair for $50. We picked it up on Monday. It needs to be refinished and I can't wait to do that, but I'm trying to decide what I'm going to do it.

Samantha loves to sit there each day and do her homework, draw, and read her books.

I've been sewing a lot too. I enjoy going sewing with my mom two nights a week. I made Alyssa's Easter dress and my Mom made Samantha's. The girls were so excited about their dresses . . . they looked so cute. I bought the green eyelet remnant and wanted a pinafore for Alyssa's dress so I found a pattern that centered around that. Samantha asked for purple polka dots and we decided on an apron to soften it and match Alyssa's. Samantha can take the apron on or off.


Al and I are almost done with our bathroom. Hopefully next post will show our final results. It's so pretty.