Sunday, February 19, 2012

Age makes no difference

I've been working out at the gym on a regular basis and a few days a week I see my cousin. She and her husband own the gym. Sometimes we get side by side on the treadmills and talk for 40 minutes.

She's lived here all her life and I have lived here nearly all mine. We're 12 years apart and our kids even farther apart in age. But it doesn't seem to matter.

We all get stuck in our lives. Our routines take over. I admit that I go a year without seeing friends in this small town. I work, pick up the kids, run errands--life revolves around them.

I'm enjoying seeing my family more often, getting to know my cousins who were my girls' age not so long ago. And now, when life is hectic, it's nice to reconnect. I'm enjoying the time with my cousin and hope that my kids will get to know their family a little more too.

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