Friday, May 17, 2013


Never doubt the lengths a parent will go through to make his child feel accepted, loved, secure, and confident. 

Last weekend I finally made good on my mom's birthday present: a painting workshop using Annie Sloan chalk paints at Loot in Soquel. We could not have asked for a better day--it was 75 in Soquel! It ended up just the two of us with the instructor and we got to play with paint. It was the perfect day to spend, pre-Mother's Day, together doing something we both enjoy. 

While we were there my phone beeped with a picture of my daughter, with a numbered sticker on her chest. So Al had something up his sleeve, eh?! As it turns out, Al had been conversing with the producer about allowing Samantha to watch the audition process so she'd understand what to do next time. As they were leaving, Al thanked the producer and Samantha blurted, "My dad would make a great Shrek! He looks just like him." Next thing you know Al and Samantha have numbered stickers on their chests. 

They both sang and Al read some lines from Shrek the Musical. That night they got a call--they both got parts. Al is Lord Farquad's henchman, Thelonius, and Samantha is Little Bo Peep.

In my opinion, this is the best mother's day gift I've received yet: my husband, taking this step with Samantha, giving her the confidence to audition. She's wanted to do this for so long, but shies up when the time comes around. She's such a social butterfly! 

The next three months will be busy with rehearsals 4 days a week, but Alyssa and I are ready to take on the early dinners together to help them on their way. 

I'm so proud of my Thelonius and Little Bo Peep!

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