Saturday, August 31, 2013

Today I gave Alyssa a breathing treatment to keep the bronchial cough under control. Where inhalant steroids don't affect Samantha's behavior, Alyssa turns into an angry toddler. I expect it, but it's still a bit unnerving and sometimes amusing. 

My mom and I took Alyssa to lunch. She was a bit argumentative at first, but soon after she had a hard time concentrating. She was hopping around in her seat, playing with her food in weird ways, and using odd objects as a bell. This is not my kid--she's pretty well behaved but has her moments as any five year old does; this was all steroids. 

My mom and I could not stop laughing. I sat her in my lap and bounced her like a baby to keep her occupied. I couldn't talk to her and expect her to follow along with any instructions. It got to the point where I just cleared everything off the table within her reach rather than tell her "no."

It's sad when the laughing stops and you think about the stuff that you have to give to your child. Both of my kids have had their share. I keep cases of three different breathing meds of inhalers and medicine for one of two nebulizers on hand at all times. We even use a makeup case to carry all the different meds with us. We also have two different forms of prednisone on hand at all times. At some points in their life theses meds have made all the difference.

I am hoping that we can remedy this situation in the future whether it be with surgery or a different approach. Not that I wish my kids would have surgery, but if taking out their adenoids or stomach surgery to tighten an esophagus removes all the steroids and antibiotics from the equation, then it'll be worth it. Their quality of life will improve. And I'll no longer be the mom that restricts my kids activities because of germs and fears of another infection/illness.

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