Saturday, October 26, 2013

Last month after Samantha had her adenoids out she had a few weeks of bad breath and yuck from the pocket of bacteria behind her adenoids. This month we had our post-op visits with both the pediatric endocrinologist and the ENT.

We met with the ENT and he signed off, pleased that she wasn't experiencing any post-nasal drip. I've noticed that Samantha's allergies don't seem to be active now. I'm hoping that it is because of the removal of the adenoids. It would be nice to relieve one more irritation.

Then we meet with the endo. and got a clean bill of health. The sample taken from her stomach was perfect--no celiac or esophagitis. Samantha has hoping she could stop taking the Prevacid. The endo. agreed that now that the adenoids were out and she wasn't suffering post-nasal drip any longer we could stop.

He ended the appointment by saying that he likely didn't need to see Samantha again. Wished her well and we said good-bye. We were with him for 7 years.

Can I tell you how emotional I was?! Since that first phone call, day 7 after Samantha was born she's struggled with so much more than a child should. That newborn screen test changed everything.

There have been periods in her life, even an entire year, when it was about medicine, doctors, tests, and quarantines (no outings or daycare to stay germ free). There was even a year when monthly medications and doctor's visit costs rivaled our mortgage payments.

Samantha was so happy as we left. I was happy and emotional. It was something we had wished for so long.

So we're down to one pill--the synthroid. That is it. And that is for life and "no big deal."

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