Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy Birthday--transplant day

Yesterday, at about noon, my mom received her cells. She received them over a 45-minute period. There was no violent illness this time, just a funny tickle in the throat that a hard candy cured. Last night the nurses came in singing "Happy Birthday" and brought my mom a cupcake. That was day 0.

A stem cell transplant is a reboot. Today is Day 1. On Day 6 my mom will start Neupogen shots again to help produce more cells. She'll bottom out, as they call it, be the most vulnerable about days 8 - 10. They want to keep ahead of that drop by administering the Neupogen.

She's in her own private room, where she'll stay until she gets to come home. She's near another man from Hollister, and they'll get to visit one another while they're there.

I felt down yesterday and I realized that it was because I couldn't be there while she got her transplant. It's something to be celebrated and she did it alone this time. My brother and sister in law were able to go visit yesterday afternoon, which seemed to perk her up, too.

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