Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Alyssa turned 1 on St. Patrick's Day! We had a nice evening with Gammy, Papa, and Uncle Kevin (No-No). Alyssa loved the corned beef and I was so happy to have an Irish dinner, having missed it last year. Alyssa received a Newborn Cabbage Patch Kid, a Bucky horse, and a Little People boat. She also had her first bit of cake--green cupcakes. She loved it and started to fuss when there was no more left.

Alyssa had her one-year well visit on Monday. She weighs 18.14 lbs and is 27.25 inches. She's doing great and starting to take a few steps at a time. Give it a couple of weeks and she'll be running!

Samantha is being assessed for Pre-K today. We're keeping our fingers crossed that she gets into Pre-K. She really wants to go to school every day. She is sad when it's Mon, Wed, or Fri and she doesn't get to go to school. UPDATE: Samantha has been accepted into Pre-K with Ms. Tina!

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Trina.Hoover said...

Happy Birthday girlie!!!
Alyssa you are a cutie looking more like your mom every day.
Your friend Jonathan started school on his third birthday in a pre-k center. You'll LOVE it just as much as he does Samantha!

Hugs and LOVE
Hoover family