Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's late night again and Mommy is still working.

August has always been my least favorite month. Maybe that is because there are no holidays or extra special occasions for my family. But this time, I am really looking forward to August. It means no more 60-hour work weeks and, hopefully, back to life before May.

We introduced Samantha to Michael Jackson, ironically, two weeks before his death. She is in love with him and his music. She constantly peppers me with questions about him and his life or looks (goodness knows there are lots of questions there). She understands that he was very, very special to Mommy and that she misses him. But as I told her today, he lives on in his music. The fact that she and Alyssa beg me to play his music makes me very happy.

Samantha has turned into quite the swimmer. She loves swim lessons and is doing things that would have brought her to tears before. Next year I'll have to get her into swim lessons earlier.

Alyssa is getting so big and talking a lot. It's really hard to understand her, but if you think about what she is doing and follow the motions, you'll get it. Today she told Tanya, "See you tomorrow."

Alyssa is getting another large batch of teeth. Eight at a time is difficult. The other day she was in tears for what seemed like hours. We're beyond all remedies at this point. The only thing that seems to soothe her is dancing with Mommy and a good swim in Gammy and Papa's pool. (Yes, we're those goofy parents who have a dance session or instrument session with our kids for one to two hours. And we wouldn't change it for the world!)

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