Thursday, September 10, 2009

Samantha started school this week and loves it. She didn't even get teary-eyed when I left. She was happy to go. She's got a rigorous year ahead of her, which I am very please about. They'll practice writing, journaling, and other kindergarten-ish skills. I get to work in her class next week for the first time this year.

Alyssa's going through some sort-of development/growth spurt right now. She's speaking clearer and asking for things like "Can I look at that?".

Not much else transpiring here, although I finally got full clearance/approval to work from home permanently. I never have to travel to CTB again--rather, I don't have to suffer under the fluorescents any more.

My mom and I have been trying our hands at Loom knitting. I made Samantha's hat and Mom made Alyssa's hat:

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