Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

We survived a busy week. Samantha went to the pumpkin patch on Tuesday, had a Halloween Party at Tanya's on Wednesday and a school party on Friday, and trick-or-treating last night.

Tinker Bell was very excited about trick-or-treating last night. And our Duck finally got the hang of it near the end. Alyssa even said "trick or treat" about 15 feet from the last door. Then she proceeded to hand me her candy bag and sign "want to go to bed."

Not much else exciting going on at the Gonzalez household. Al is busy job hunting and has applied for no less than 5 jobs. As a last resort the Kelly Services folks are standing by ready to submit his name for employment in San Jose if it nears December without any prospects. Three of the five jobs are at universities, so the application process probably takes longer than at a normal corporation.

I've been busy with work, and Mom and I have started walking during my lunch hour. It's nice to have a break and get some exercise. My shins were even sore the first week--wow, I'm out of shape!

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