Friday, December 11, 2009

I can't believe it, but Al and I have most of our Christmas shopping done. Woo hoo! The only problem is I'm afraid to wrap anything because Alyssa would unwrap everything. I am really running out of places to hide things.

I have to admit that I was really bummed out when I looked in our backyard yesterday. I expected all the calla lillies to die after the frost because that is normal, but I was sad to see the 12 foot trumpet vine so brittle. We finally landscaped our yard this summer and it looked so beautiful. I'm trying to be positive and remind myself that it just means I get to spend even more time gardening in the spring.

Alyssa started speaking in full sentences last Sunday. She just exploded and then didn't stop talking the whole afternoon. Her first sentence was "Where did daddy go?" And once I explained that he went to the store she said, "Okay" and walked away. She's also doing this funny thing where she fakes a tantrum and flops on the floor. It's funny even when she throws a real tantrum. I know, I'm not supposed to laugh, but it's so difficult sometimes.

Samantha is so happy to be back at school with her friends. They were super excited to see her and about knocked her over with hugs a few times. She keeps asking me when her Christmas program is. She can't wait to perform for everyone. If it's anything like last year, she'll make herself the star somehow. I'll try to shoot video again this year. Last year I laughed so hard the camera shook the whole time.

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