Friday, January 22, 2010

A better day

The cough medicine seems to help. Samantha's coughing a lot less except when laughing, but that is a good thing. Al rented Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs for her. She was laughing hysterically throughout the whole movie. I haven't seen it, but if it makes her laugh that much it must be cute and pretty silly.

Alyssa is still having a rough time, but we're hoping it gets better. I can feel the ridges of the bottom molar so hopefully we're nearly there. She's getting very frustrated with everyone and everything, and waking three to five times a night screaming out in pain. Numbing the area gets her back to sleep.

Funny thing happened yesterday . . . Al went to Apria Healthcare to get us a Traveling Nebulizer and a Blood Pressure Monitor (for him). He was asking about the medical supplies and the guy offered him a job. The Manager was quite serious. It was a funny thing. Al will apply for the job and see if he likes it.

We've accepted that in this economy we're not going to be finding pay comparable to what we were making before. But we've decided the more valuable interests are 401k, Healthcare Benefits, vacation, and a reputable company. Someday we may be back where we started this year, but the economy will have to rebound first.

Update on Al's Sleep Study: He does have a bit of sleep apnea but only when lying on his back. It's not enough to be concerned about and I'm his sleep apnea monitor--I'm cheap. The doctor suggested sewing a pocket in the back of a shirt to place a tennis ball. We'll try that.

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