Monday, January 25, 2010

Took both girls to the doctor today. Samantha has been given the green light to go back to school. We'll work on cough maintanence, but she's ready--more importantly, we're ready.

Alyssa finally cut her molar Saturday. She's still miserable, but we've figured it out. She's got an ear infection with a pus filled ear. The doctor prescribed Tylenol with Coedine to help with the pain. I figured it out yesterday when she wouldn't sleep and then she yelled when she talked. I'm grateful for this prescription because the Motrin seems ineffective at the moment. Hopefully she'll begin to feel better tomorrow. Unhappy babies are clingly babies.

It's gray again here . . . another day of showers. The kids love those sun breaks and take off outside to play. It's too muddy to walk on the grass so we don't get to swing or slide right now. I've been blowing lots of bubbles and making chalk stars.

I've been on a soup kick. We have at least one pot a week and it lasts us three or more days. It's easy, cheap, and comforting on these tough, cold, gray days. I think I need to look for a new recipe--I'm exhausting my standards.

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