Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So you'd think I'd figure this asthma thing out, but I haven't. Al worked in Samantha's class this morning, but he called after two hours because she couldn't breathe. I had to go get her--Al couldn't leave or they'd have to call all the parents to pick up the kids first. She was coughing every time she inhaled, which means the oxygen level diminishes over time. So I drove home and hooked her up the nebulizer. But then I get confused. We have five different breathing treatments at home and we typically give three when this happens, but I can't remember what we give when. To top it off, she has a terrible burn in her chest (acid reflux) when she coughs. Sometimes it burns so much she cries, which makes everything worse.

So I'm on the phone with the doctor again, trying to get this all sorted out. What to give when and how much, etc.

We were just a the doctor's office yesterday for a well check regarding her November breathing problems. Oh they joy of winter.

Actually, we're kind of enjoying this winter storm. We've probably had two to three inches of rain since Sunday. It poured for several straight hours this morning. I was pretty wet trying to get Alyssa to daycare. Wednesday's storm looks to be the worst thus far. The NWS has increased their wind estimate to 50-70 MPH. Fun, fun as long as no one is killed or hurt.

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