Wednesday, September 1, 2010


We had a terrific first week of school. This week was the first week full time: 7:50 - 2:45. Samantha's been tired, but having the best time. She was so proud today when she got to move her name to Superstar. She listened to her teacher and followed directions correctly.

Tonight Al and I went to "Back to School Night" to meet with her teacher and learn about what she does in class. Their days are so filled with music, art, PE, Math and Reading. We left feeling very fortunate. Samantha and one of her preschool friends were the last two students to join the kinder class. There are 25 kids in her class and there is now a waiting list. I feel very grateful, but also very sad for those families who are stuck in the school district with 40 kids in their class. It is isn't fair.

Of course none of this is without sacrifice on our part. It's expensive and we're having to cut back even more now. We have 20 service hours to complete this year. It may seem like a lot, but we've always wanted to be involved. So Al has volunteered to coach the 8th Grade Flag Football team. He had his first practice today in this miserable 97 degree heat. I got to see one of the boys he coaches and I had a "awwww" moment. I forget how young 13 year old boys are. I know Al will have fun and I bet the boys will too. Al's going to be a great coach. His coaching will take care of our 20 hours, but I have volunteered for more events anyway. There is always plenty to do!

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