Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I knew someday we'd be dealing with boys and marriage, I just didn't think it would come this soon.

Monday, Samantha is getting dressed for school and announces that she's going to marry James. I asked her how she knew she was going to marry James. "Because he's my friend, Mom." I told her that she couldn't get married until she was 25. I asked, "What about college?" "Well of course, James will go to college, Mom." Reality . . . "You have to go to college, too, kiddo."

Got my sinus CT results today. Everything is good. I had a momentary panic attack of course, but just an underlying infection that needs a dose of super antibiotics. I'm relieved it's not surgery. I did have a blood test too (new doctor) and discovered I'm severely vitamin D deficient. I've got to take a Vitamin D prescription for two months and then I should be back on track. I'm guilty of ignoring the sun. I burn worse then I used to and so it's easy to stay away from it. I've got to work in an hour each day for eternity--should be zen. I think I can fit that in with a daily walk--two birds with one stone.

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