Thursday, October 7, 2010


Alyssa is blossoming so much. Her language skills have exploded in the last two weeks. Yesterday she was stuffing her mouth with tomoatoes she was stealing off the vines. She stopped to say, "Mom, I'm happy." Every day there is something she says that goes a little further than the day before. She's probably added 50 new words in the last two weeks alone. It still amazes me how a child develops so rapidly.

We've been struggling with fear of going to the bathroom in her own diaper. This week we've climbed that summit finally. It's taken a year and caused us major stress. Now she wants to learn to go potty. We're all really excited about a house without diapers.

I've stopped taking a medication that I used for migranie supression at night. It made me a zombie most of the time and I added 20 pounds (highly abnormal for me) in the last two years. It has definately been suppressing a lot more than the migraines. It was suppressing my IBS, which of course is a good thing, but 20 pounds is really depressing for me. I'll suffer through the withdrawls in the hopes of ridding my body of this yuck. I hope to get back to yoga and will try acupuncture for the migraines. Amazing how one tiny pill can shape you.

We're back to our organic farm on Saturdays. I bought a moderate amount of produce last week. I will double my purchase this week. Pinnacle is even allowing a local organic chicken farmer sell their chicken meat there. Yum! The grocery stores will see us a lot less through winter. I am hoping that Al will make me a large trough so I can grow lettuces, kale, and onions this winter. I am getting excited about Fall cooking. I've already made two homemade soups this week. And I plan make my own french bread this weekend. I've got to get back to my food blog. I've neglectged it so much. I hope to start writing this weekend. Look for updates soon:

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