Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1st Cardiology Post-Op Visit

Tuesday we went to our new cardiologist in Salinas. Al felt a little guilty about dissing the cardiologist who sent us to Stanford, but I could not stand the guy's drama. His outlook was so doom and gloom--it was too much for me to handle.

The new cardiologist thought that Al looked really well and that he'd recover just fine. I did ask if Al needed to be tested for Marfan's Syndrome. He said that this is a pretty sure indicator that Al does indeed have Marfan's. So a genetic test would be pointless because the greatest risk of Marfan's is that a young person would suffer an aortic dissection.

The Dr. does feel that Al will be able to run again next year. I did ask that he have a treadmill stress test when he is ready to run again. The Dr. thought that was a very good idea.

As Al becomes more active the Dr. will adjust his BP medication but the Dr. was very happy with the current 120/68. So we go back to Salinas next week for an echo to see what the aorta looks like now and how it's all healing. We'll then follow up the first week of January when Al's 6 weeks are up.

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