Monday, November 29, 2010

Moving along

Things are progressing quite well. Al is moving a little more each day. Today he showered and dressed himself! That is a huge feat. I still have to help shave his head and tie his shoes, but two weeks post-op this is awesome. He even made pizza dough because the girls have been begging for Daddy's pizza.

I have to think two little twinkling voices have a lot to do with how well Al is progressing. Alyssa has been requesting cuddle time with him and Samantha gave a very teary Thanksgiving toast in which she asked that God make her Daddy all better. Let's just say my Dad was chasing the tears down his cheeks. I don't think Al really understood how much this has affected everyone until that moment.

Earlier on Thanksgiving, while Al was napping, Alyssa was in Papa's lap (my dad) and telling him, as best as a two year old can, how Daddy's heart was broken but it is fixed now and he's getting better. It was a very sweet moment. And Alyssa got some cuddle time from Papa.

We had a nice Thanksgiving at our house. My parents brought the food and cooked it here. I so appreciated that! And on Sunday, I got Al in the car and the girls off to my parents house so that Al and I got to go see Harry Potter. It was awesome and I'm so glad he was able to get up and out to see it.

I, on the other hand, took a break on Saturday. While Samantha was off with my mom, I took Alyssa shopping for a few hours. I felt I needed the break and that Al was well enough to be alone. Alyssa really loved it as did I.

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