Sunday, November 14, 2010

Up and walking

Al was downgraded to ICU Level 3 last night and now has access to a phone. As soon as he was settled he called us and got to talk to the girls. He is very hoarse because he had a breathing tube the day of surgery. It takes a lot of effort and a good deal of oxygen to talk too. It scared Samantha a bit because it makes Daddy sound sick.

I didn't go see Al today. We needed a day a home to do chores and recoup. Al was okay with that. Today's 49er game was a good distraction for Al.

I did start to work on making Al some flannel pants and shirts that button down the front. Of course, my mom is teaching me. I figured that Al would much rather have a button down shirt than try to put a t-shirt over his head every day. Plus it gives us easy access to check his surgical wound throughout the day.

Today Al had the last of the abdominal drainage tubes and the catheter removed. So he is now no longer attached to any IVs. He was able to walk a bit today with the aid of a walker. He said it felt really good, but that he could feel his chest where the tubing had been removed.

He hadn't eaten dinner yet because they were planning on a CT with contrast for this evening. He had an X-ray earlier--all part of the normal protocol.

I'm working from Stanford tomorrow--they have wireless access for the families (very nice). I am getting more anxious and worried about his home care so I want to be there when the physical therapist arrives and to talk to the doctor about a few things. I don't know yet what markers he'll need to pass before they release him. Up until now I've been more concerned about the medications and his blood pressure, which is normal (ideal is 110/72).

Al is progressing nicely and that is definitely giving us peace of mind.

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