Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Al had his post-op appointment at Stanford yesterday. We met with the surgeon, Dr. Fischbein, and charted Al's progression and expectations. He was very happy that Al looked so well. He wants Al to start walking more so he can build up his strength to run again.

Dr. Fischbein asked if instead of returning to a regular cardiologist if we wouldn't consider coming to Stanford and going under the care of Dr. Liang who specializes in aortic cardiology. Dr. Fischbein explained that most cardiologists do not understand the kind of surgery Al just had and that he'd get proper care here. So Dr. Liang stopped by to meet us.

Dr. Liang set up a stress-test in February so that he can monitor Al's heart rate and blood pressure while he runs. Dr. Liang also wants to find out if the dissection was blood pressure related or if there are additional genetic factors. In fact, Dr. Liang is part of Stanford's Marfan Clinic.

Al was very pleased with Dr. Liang and felt much better about his future care. Al wasn't entirely comfortable going to a cardiologist outside of Stanford, so this is a perfect solution.

So we stood in the hallway of the Cardiology Clinic with four doctors for at least half an hour. At least two of the doctors had been part of Al's surgery and all were familiar with his case. It felt good to be in such good company and with the men who saved his life.

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Madeline said...

I am so happy he seems to be doing better!!! If you guys need some time alone...I will definately take the girls for a playdate on a Saturday or Sunday. Take a greak if you need it!!!