Monday, December 13, 2010


This time of year I start to get a little mental. Typically it starts after Christmas, but because I've been stuck at home taking care of everyone it seems to have started earlier.

I get this overwhelming urge to purge, decorate, and otherwise organize every bit of our lives. This weekend it started with Alyssa's closet and a cube system I had stuffed in there. I just pulled it out of the closet and secured it against one of her walls.

I also got this idea to hang pictures from a rod in Samantha's room and a few from the quilt rack in Alyssa's room. So I spray painted picture frames in spurts yesterday. I kind of stunk up the house because I did it in the garage. But after I opened the garage door and the side door the smell dissapaited. I ran out of paint so I only finished four frames. I hung two in Samantha's room and two in Alyssa's room. Samantha got to pick what she wanted in the frames: a picture of Alyssa and a greeting card shaped like a cat. Alyssa's frames hold a different greeting card with cats (gotta have the same as Sissy) and embroidery of a bunny I did when I was a teenager.

The best comment I got was from Alyssa this morning: "Mommy, my room so pretty." Ahh the little things. And my brain now has a little more space in it.

All in day's work . . .

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