Sunday, January 16, 2011

Forget New Year's Resolutions--Let's talk Summer Resolutions

So I think we've come pretty darn close the to Perfect day today. I woke at 7 and ran off the the grocery store before the kids and Al woke--even before the sun rose. At 8 we arranged to run off to Natural Bridges with my parents. It has been one of those beautiful mid-winter days where you get to trade in the long sleeves for a t-shirt.

Alyssa was dressed about 10 minutes after I told the kids we were going to the beach. She couldn't wait to "wim" in the waves. But we had Monarch butterflies in mind first. There were actually a lot fewer butterflies this year--the mild weather has already prompted them to move north.

My mom and I spent an hour with a girl on each hand running into and away from the waves. We were waiting for low tide so we could head over to the tide pools. Wave playing is usually Al's job, but all considered, he decided that the blanket was the best spot for him.

It was there and then I decided I needed a Summer Resolution. See I don't make new year's resolutions because I'm practical and I know I won't commit totally, but with a Summer Resolution I might. I better get this two-child, mid-thirties body into bikini shape. I have a feeling we'll be spending most of our Summer weekends at the beach. And I won't be tanning on a blanket.

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