Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Where's my momma?

I thought I'd try out a new chicken recipe last night which called for chicken to be browned in the skillet and then put in the oven. Time was up and I took the stainless steel skillet out and set it on the stove. Cue the bird-brain. I turn around to do something else grab the skillet by the handle and nearly melt my fingers together.

I haven't burned myself that bad since high school and even then it was minor. I quickly picked up the phone, being the rational person I am, and called my momma. She knows what to do, I thought. She gave me instructions for immediate care while I put my hand under the water. Shortly after she came over with a roll of gauze to wrap me up.

What would I do without my momma?

Yes, I'm nearly 34 and still need my momma to make me feel better.

You know you're jealous!

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