Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Did It! and other musings

I joined the gym and worked out on Monday. I woke up in the middle of the night in so much pain that it hurt to turn over. Ha! I killed my abs because they still have the features of woman who's 20 weeks along. I want results yesterday! So every time I moved today I had to fight back a moan. Oh well. It's worth it, right?

Tomorrow is my Sweet Pea's third birthday. I truly can't believe it. I was showing her pictures from 30 seconds after she was born til today--she kept asking who the baby was until she saw her lovey. She's getting taller and just exploding in some new way everyday. And we're potty trained!!

But it doesn't just happen with Alyssa--I see Samantha changing to so much too. She's gone from reading a few sight words to some harder books. She's sucking it all up and I love sitting down with her every day listening to her read.

We've signed Alyssa up for preschool at Sacred Heart. We've got some major problems in the public school district and wait lists now to get into Sacred Heart so we wanted to get her in now so we'd secure her a spot. We're fortunate enough to be able to pay the tuition, but I constantly think about those families who want a better education for their kids but can't afford it. It's sad that we have to buy our children's education.

Kevin (my brother) is in Indonesia right now. He said that only those who can pay for it get educated in Indonesia. Those who can't don't get any schooling, government or otherwise. It makes me feel fortunate in one way, but then I get upset thinking how the state and federal government are failing our kids and our future.

Al and I didn't start out thinking about private education--we both work in public education and with federal/state curriculum, we expect what the government should provide--but in this economy it all falls short.

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