Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dress rehearsal

Samantha had her first full dress rehearsal last night at the Gavilan College theatre. It was organized chaos. We looked like we were going on a trip--bag of makeup, bag of quiet activities for Samantha, a jack-in-the-box costume, a Tinkerbell costume, mommy's bag of snacks for the three hour practice.

Since Samantha is in Ballet I she is only performing once--thank goodness. The classes higher than Ballet I have two performances. So last night we watched the 1 o'clock show run through their routines and then the 6 o'clock show (Samantha) got to run theirs. The 1 o'clock was confusing, but by the time they got to our time slot the girls were perfect.

At tonight's recital the class dances will happen first. Samantha's class is dancing to a Tinkerbell song. Their costumes are themed like Tinkerbell.

The second act will be the ballet Coppelia. For this performance Samantha is a jack-in-the-box in toymaker Coppelia's shop.
(Note: her collar is not yet complete. She'll have a finished collar for tonight's performance.)

I'll post video of tonight's recital sometime this weekend. Let's break a leg, Samantha!

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