Monday, June 6, 2011

June, schmoon, I'd rather it was July

We went to the movies as a family on Saturday (a first for Al and Alyssa) and then to mass on Sunday. Alyssa was all over the place in church and dunked her whole hand in the holy water, which I've heard is a cesspool.

So why do we do it? Well, three of us (Al, me, and Samantha) don't have hand and mouth disease. Alyssa is still 3.

This morning I wake to crying and a tummy ache. After nap today we've progressed to a sore throat and a fever. This feels like deja vu. Oh, wait. It is!

Last June, Alyssa got strep and she was so sick. She was so skinny from a week of vomiting and fever. And the antibiotic made it worse. We had a rapid strep today and it came back negative, but we'll find out the results in two days. Until then, we've got to keep her comfortable and hope the vomiting makes only rare appearances. I hate strep.

If this happens again next year I'm going to want to boycott June.

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