Friday, August 5, 2011

Lagging behind

I've been seriously lagging behind my grand plans. Samantha's desk and chair are still in their original ugly state and I haven't even begun to sand off the old paint. It's probably just as well considering I haven't got any spray paint on hand and the local hardware store always seems to be out of white spray paint.

I also (blame this one on my mom) got into an artwork project for my bedroom--vintage typewriter keys. We (Mom and I) found the tutorial on a website and I just couldn't resist: Anything to do with letters, ampersand included (&), and I'm bound to want to put it in my house somewhere. It goes with that whole love of books and writing thing I've got going on. I've got most of the letters done and the numbers are next. I think it's really neat.

We'll probably use it to torture Alyssa--gotta memorize those letters kid!

School is almost here and the girls are excited. I am too. It means there will be hours of silence in the house and no more daddy daycare! Our calendar is already filling up fast and that doesn't even include ballet yet.

Cheers for the last two weeks of summer vacation! Enjoy.

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