Sunday, September 18, 2011

Getting Crafty

I'm finally getting crafty in my old age. I learned to sew at 33 and at 34 I'm embracing artwork.

The first it the Typewriter Keys board, a Pottery Barn knockoff. I did not come to this myself of course (see post "Lagging Behind"). It took me at least 6 weeks and I was frustrated at a point, but once I stained the piece I was pleased. It is so nice to have artwork on our walls for one, and unique artwork for another.

Last weekend we started on piece number 2 (drying rack), but ran out of lattice strips. So Al went and bought them this week and I finished it up today. The kids and I decided on some of the sayings we wanted up there. The first is a tribute to my Grammy who loved her 'sayings': A Stitch in Time Saves Nine.

This again is a Pottery Barn knockoff that I found online. I made it larger so that it would cover the big wall above our couch. And I wanted the sayings to be ours, special to us.

The second saying made me think of the kids, especially Samantha, who has an great love for snails. :)

I've got one other piece in process and then it'll be on to Alyssa's bedroom. Green walls (her request) and a cast iron daybed we got a the thrift store for $25. It's hideous, but nothing a little paint can't fix.

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