Thursday, September 8, 2011

Miss Sticky Fingers

It is a really good day around here on school days--chaotic, but wonderful just the same. The days when Alyssa has afternoon preschool are even more chaotic. She spends time at home with Al in the morning, but has trouble with boundaries. In other words, my office door gets locked and she gets dragged away somewhere so I can work in quiet. We'll find that balance soon, but I think it requires a trip to Michael's for craft supply stock first.

This morning Alyssa begged to go to school from the time we got in the car to drop off Samantha. "Mrs. H is waiting for me, Mommy," she repeated. "I know" was the only response I could come up with. Such torture to have afternoon preschool when you want to be there all day, every day.

Alyssa has surprised me. She hasn't shed a tear when I've left and she's always happy and smiling when I pick her up. She did confess that she cried when she went to P.E. with Mrs. C last week. As Mrs. C explained it, "Mrs. H is their mommy at school and so when she leaves they all melt." I got a promise from Alyssa today that she wouldn't cry during P.E.

On Tuesday I picked Alyssa up and threw her backpack on my shoulder. Suddenly my arm was cold and damp. I pulled the backpack off to find a nice fat ball of play dough stuffed in the side pocket.

"Why is there play dough in your backpack Alyssa?"

"Mrs. H said it was for everybody."

Totally not Mrs. H's intention, but classic nonetheless. Alyssa is thinking very literally here. Smart cookie--maybe I'm biased, or at least don't want to think about my 3 year old as a thief.

So this afternoon when I dropped Alyssa off, I told Mrs. H about our little play dough ball that I will return this afternoon. And we'll have another few conversations about what "for everybody" means.

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