Monday, July 29, 2013

I love reading home decor blogs. I'm attracted to spaces that are kid-friendly, practical, and pretty, which can be a difficult combination to achieve. Our dining room was repurposed a couple of years ago when we decided to make it work for us.

We opted for a couple of doors on our bookcases to hide kid clutter. One of those bookcases hides coloring books and all related accessories. However, the mess started to grow and the doors weren't
closing, not to mention I was tired of picking up half broken crayons.

Still working on my chalk finesse
I liked the idea of a see-through container for crayons and markers. I found two cookie jars at Target and filled them with new crayons and markers. Suddenly my girls were coloring for hours every day because they could see the colors and they weren't hidden from view.

Samantha suggested I do like we'd seen on Pinterest and paint a chalkboard label on the jars that said crayons and markers. (Smart kiddo.) My mom then suggested that we paint a mailing label with chalk paint and stick it on the jar so we could change our mind and color whenever. It worked really well.

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