Sunday, August 4, 2013

Las Vegas -- Part 1

We took our second Girls Only vacation to Las Vegas--four generations: my girls, me, my mom, and my grandma. It was a great, low-key week. 

This time my mom and I decided to break up our driving by stopping overnight in Bakersfield. We figured the kids could play in the pool and then crash. It was a 3.5 hour drive to Bakersfield and then another 4-4.5 hours to Las Vegas. It was such a terrific idea and really did take away a lot of the stress of driving 10 hours with two little kids. We made it Las Vegas around check-in at 4:45.

We borrowed a family friend's time share at the WorldMark Tropicana. It slept 6 and had a really nice open floor plan. The kids really liked the breakfast bar. 
Me and my girls dressed up for our night out.
When we stay at a resort/time share we come prepared. We had each meal, including breakfast, planned and prepared. We brought two ice chests (big and small) and came home with them nearly empty. It saves on expenses and ensures that the kids eat well. We did eat out for lunch in Las Vegas once, but we saved our big bucks for Michael Jackson ONE.

This is the second Cirque show my girls have seen (they're 5 and 8) and absolutely loved it! There is so much to see during a show and it keeps them interested the entire show. This time we got there extra early and they got special treatment--6-inch booster seat and ear plugs. There are no bad seats in the house. 

The girls loved the music and the dancing so much they've been playing "Michael Jackson" since we got home. They dressed up like the Cirque dancers and then danced to MJ Wii. And my grandma loved the show too. There was definitely something for everyone and every age.

There is so much to do in Las Vega that doesn't involve gambling and partying. It can be a very fun place with kids.  

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