Tuesday, July 9, 2013

One of those days

Today was one of those crazy Mondays where everything goes wrong. Both kids had doctor's appointments an hour apart in the morning so there was that. We ran out of cereal and I spilled coffee down my freshly-dressed self, thankfully not before the first doctor's appointment.

I wasn't able to officially start working until after appt. 2, but there were no emergency meetings scheduled so I guess that was the bright spot.

After lunch things settled and the kids played and fought and then had alone time for a while.

(This week is "heck" week for Shrek, so Samantha and Al have to be at the theatre at 5 like a regular night and then rehearse from 7 to whenever/done. They'll do this until opening night, which is Friday at 7. )

Today it felt overwhelming because Al was tired and I was burnt out. I didn't think it necessary to stand around the theatre for an hour so I did their makeup at home. (It's so weird to put makeup on your husband.) I sent them off at 5:50. They didn't get home until 11. Boo!

While they were gone, after Alyssa was in bed, I thought I'd do my nails. They were almost dry when I heard a crash and went to explore. I had left the office closet open and the wire shelving exposed. I found Ginger mewing and hanging by her left paw from one of the wire shelves. She was in so much pain she was screaming and I had the hardest time getting her unstuck. I pried the wire back and got her out. My manicure was ruined--oh well.

Ginger lay on my lap for nearly an hour. I did make her walk a bit when she got up. She was ok, but still couldn't put to much weight on it. It was clearly swollen, however. Not sure what tomorrow will bring, but I have a hunch I'll be spending some more time at the doctor's.

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