Friday, June 28, 2013


We've had a busy week with the Saddle Horse and Rodeo Parade yesterday and Kids Rule Theatre Camp finale tonight, both in nearly 100 degree heat. 

Samantha had to wear a very heavy satin costume for Little Bo Peep and sit on a float for two hours in the hot sun. Al tried to keep her hydrated, but she's a stubborn kid and refused to drink.

I managed to keep Alyssa hydrated and cool. I ended up with a migraine, which was likely due to dehydration. And when we went to the theatre to get Samantha from Shrek rehearsal she was sobbing. She felt like vomiting, her head hurt . . . classic heat stroke symptoms. Actually a lot of the kids weren't feeling so well and one of the cast even end up in the hospital for heat exhaustion.

I brought Samantha home, gave her a cool shower, and the lone bottle of Gatorade. She was so beat up, but felt much better this morning. 

So today I bought stacks of Gatorade (not a big fan of the stuff, but I can't find salt tablets) and sent her off to camp with two bottles. 

I'm not looking forward to being locked in the house this weekend, but I'm so thankful for our air conditioner and glad we don't live in the desert. 

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