Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Right before the 4th of July Alyssa was complaining that her chest hurt. Thinking it was somehow related to "sympathy pains" since Samantha had bronchitis again, I brushed it off. But she didn't stop complaining. Then she said it hurt when she got out of bed. I figured I better get it taken care of.

Now, here is why all my high school back injuries help out--I felt her chest and it felt like a rib was out of place a bit. So I made an appointment to see the chiropractor. After the first visit to fix her twisted vertebrae (the cause of all the chest pain) she was remarkably well. She said it felt all better by the next morning.

I got to thinking about a lot of people who don't know about chiropractors, don't know that they can treat children, or think of them as quacks. The alternative would have taken a visit to the pediatrician, x-rays, and goodness knows what else, and it may not have been fixed. Think about all the money you'd have to spend on said doctor's visits, x-rays, etc.

There was no back cracking here, but a little trigger thingy (technical term) that the chiropractor used to help adjust her. It was gentle and there was no anxiety. Alyssa felt so well she asked when she could go back.

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