Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Shrek the Musical went really well this weekend. Alyssa and I handed out programs on Saturday night and Sunday morning. We watched Saturday night, although I was surprised Alyssa managed to stay up until 10.

The show was a hoot. It was so energetic the entire 2.5 hours that it kept Alyssa engaged the whole time. The young lady who plays Donkey was so good that she out shined Shrek a bit.

Al was funny as Thelonius. He played two other parts as well, but I liked his Thelonius personality best. And Samantha was so cute as Little Bo Peep.

After the first show the director told Samantha that she was great and should keep it up and next time she'll get a bigger part. Samantha was a bit confused as to why the director told her that. She didn't think she was doing anything different. But I saw what the director saw . . . Samantha danced and sang her heart out during her ensemble parts. I think something changes in Samantha when there is an audience in front of her.

The ladies who sat in front of us on Saturday night noticed Samantha too. Out of all the kids in the ensemble cast she was a standout for her enthusiasm. And on Saturday night, after Alyssa and I had gone home, a lady came up to Samantha and said that she loved Samantha's enthusiasm. The lady gave her three flowers. She felt so special.

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