Monday, August 5, 2013

Las Vegas -- Part 2

I wanted to make sure the kids got to see some amazing sights on the strip, nudity and drunks not included, so I researched the different casinos to see what they might like. It was too hot for anything outdoors during the day so I decided on the Bellagio Gardens and Fountains. The kids enjoyed the giant snails and birds, while we adults enjoyed the displays and the variation of flora.

There were two giant snails which were each covered in 1500 cut flowers. There was a lot to look at and enjoy despite the small area. The gardens change every season and I'm sure it's beautiful.

Afterward we endured the 104 degrees to watch the fountain dance in the moonlight for just a few songs. Then Alyssa started to melt so it was back to the resort for some ice cream.

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