Saturday, August 10, 2013

My girls will tell you that despite just one week of family vacation and mostly home time they've had a lot of fun this summer. Their cousin, who is 21, babysat for me all summer. She carted the kids to ballet, swim lessons, and the park. It's been special for them. And I've enjoyed watching how much fun they have together.

Sammi may not see it, but she's had a huge influence on my girls--in a good way. This morning Samantha begged me to buy her a shirt she saw while on vacation. She even went so far as to sketch it. And while we were out shopping today, she begged for a fedora like the one Sammi wears.
This is the first time Samantha has actually pined for clothing or thought about it for more than a week.

And when Whitney Houston came on the radio, she knew every word. That was not my doing, it was Sammi's.

This is their last week together--my girls go off to school and Sammi starts her third year of college.

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