Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I took vacation this week because the girls have Thanksgiving break. I wasn't prepared for it because I didn't read through the school calendar. It's still hanging on October! Thankfully, I had some vacation left over. It's challenging to work at home when the kids are fighting in the other rooms.

We haven't done much this week, which has been nice, although the kids are often bored. The girls have been helping me prepare some dishes for Thanksgiving and some of our "Harvey meals."

I'm anticipating that there will be quite a few occasions when I'm too tired, exhausted, or emotionally overwhelmed with my partial-week single-parent life. So I've planned to make several meals this week and freeze them. From meatloaf to carnitas to curried veggies and chicken, I'm preparing for more than a few weeks of sanity helpers.

We even put up the Christmas tree and got out the more challenging or time-consuming decorations. I knew that we would be too busy, and I've already stopped feeling guilty about putting it up before Thanksgiving. This year, it was a necessity. I didn't want to feel rushed or overwhelmed.

Next week Al stats a new job and Harvey rehearsals on the same day. We're also trying to get out last appointments in before the end of the year so that they hit this year's deductible. And I finally get to see an Orthopedist in two weeks. I am anxious to determine the next steps--to get me out of this pain funk and on the road to healing. I really miss painting. For now, we'll take this last week--the calm before the storm--and be grateful for the quiet and lazy days together.

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