Friday, November 22, 2013

This time of year is so exhausting for me and it's not even Thanksgiving. Not in a bad way, however, just a "full life" kind of way.

This is our third year involved in The Nutcracker. The last two years I helped with costumes, but with hand/arm issues, I am unable to be of much help. So Al and I volunteered to dance the opening scene. It's not my cup of tea but I keep reminding myself that I'm doing this for the girls. Even if we only do it this once, they'll always remember the time when all four of us played together on-stage.

Truthfully the dancing and the cast has been fun, but I tend to get embarrassed and giggle like a kid. I guess that is good because it'll look like I'm smiling for the audience instead of being embarrassed. I don't like talking/being in front of large groups of people.

Now, Al on the other hand . . . Al has finally found his outlet. After 14 years of "us," hoping that Al would find something to be passionate about, he's found theatre. We found it surprising at first because he can be so shy. I'm glad he enjoys it. While it is a sacrifice for me, he's been great about helping prepare meals or picking up more housework. (I'm trying to be better about refocusing my energy when I feel overwhelmed, too.)

Al received the lead in Harvey, coming out this winter. It's only a 12-man show--no pressure! He starts rehearsals in December.

Since all this craziness is consuming our lives, we're going to do the unthinkable! . . . The Christmas tree and some of the decorations will come out before Thanksgiving. (Cringe!) I typically start the Friday after and have it all up that evening. I do the tree fluffing, lights, and garland, while Al and the kids do the ornaments. This year, Al and the kids will have to help with the tree. I'll be able to do very little but provide instruction, hence the week needed to get the tree up. The kids are excited and Al hasn't complained . . .yet.

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